Working With You To Create A Livelier, Stronger, Better And  a Safer District


The Old Street District Partnership was established in the summer of 2016 to help drive an agenda for change in the area. The partnership is a collaborative effort between landowners, commercial occupiers and key representatives from the London Boroughs of Islington and Hackney. The partnership provides a unified voice to effect policy in the area, and work toward tangible positive changes for the entire community. The aim of our partnership is to enhance the Old Street district for all using 4 core themes. Stronger together, we can coalesce around shared goals, lobby decision makers and work towards tangible positive changes for the entire community.

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The Old Street District Partnership aims to assist in developing a Better, Safer, Livelier and Stronger District by working with key stakeholders and partners on a strong civic agenda. Activities will be underpinned by the community values and socio economics that are at play in the district, ensuring all activities enhance relationships, builds cohesion and benefits all communities.


To become a strong and vibrant partnership that is reflective of the diverse character of the areas surrounding Old Street, with the means to create a long-term, sustainable programme of activities which directly benefit all those who live, work and visit the area.


We are delighted to be launching a brand-new community initiative in the Old Street District: a community grant scheme designed to support the inspiring work of our local charities and community groups.

The OSDP is so proud of the wide range of community groups in the area, who work tirelessly to support the local community. They play a key role in making Old Street the vibrant and welcoming place that it is.

That’s why we’ve set aside £20k funding for community projects to support the inspiring work that you do. All your organisation has to do is fill out an application form with details of how you’d use the funds.


Our mission will only be achieved through collaborative and inclusive working. We have broken our aims down in to 4 core themes to allow ALL to get involved where they feel their strengths and expertise can really help us to shape and influence the future. These are a better district, a safer district, lively district and stronger district. The partnership will also stay vigilant to new and emerging funding opportunities to help benefit the Old Street District and where ever possible actively apply for additional investment.


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Our voluntary partners are committed to our vision and mission to build a better Old Street.