Spotlight on Hoxton Trust

Published on Oct 26, 2023

Hoxton has always historically been a deprived area.

Most of its residents have never faired far from the neighbourhood, neither do they have the financial availability to go away on holiday or day trips.

Hoxton Trust has overseen the Community Garden (Just off Hoxton Street) since 1984. This has been a welcome commodity in the area, considering most residents live in flats with no access to a garden or balcony.

The garden is used for a wide range of activities and is maintained fully by Hoxton Trust volunteers.

Lots of locals visit the garden to relax, meditate and get away from the noise of the busy Hackney streets.

Hoxton Trust also helps locals with developing their skills and building their confidence and knowledge. Hoxton Trust also helps locals with providing them with legal advice on issues such as welfare, benefits, housing, employment, consumer, and education.

Money Received from the Community Pot


Community Pot Project Name

Holidays in Hoxton

Key Project Objectives

The focus of the Holidays in Hoxton project was on locals who had no means to escape the city for a summer holiday or even have the ability to leave Hoxton to explore and experience new things. With the Hoxton Trust Community Garden as a base, different events from May until the end of September took place. The events added colour to the neighbourhood and helped the residents feel like they were part of the community. It was a way for the locals to be entertained, and make them connect with others in the area.

One of the goals was to bring together all members of Hoxton’s diverse community, and that was achieved with the garden where people felt like they are a part of a cohesive community, making everyone feel at home. It is also guaranteed that there was improved confidence in those who were helping with the designing and delivering of activities.

The garden has proven to be an oasis to Hoxton residents with a bit of quiet away from the busy roads and fresh air. The garden events brought together the people of the community by offering a summer of different activities.

Music-wise, performances were given by the Grand Union Orchestra and Stamford Hillbillies. Other events revolved around Mental Health and Wellbeing, a Herbalist, Free Health checks, a King’s Coronation event, as well as a tea, coffee and chat session.

The charity received great feedback from the community on the events that they held.

Project Details

The project began in May, and ran until the end of September.

Frequent yoga and Rumba classes were very well attended. The classes were contacted by professional licensed teachers. The yoga teacher is from the nearby Tara Yoga Centre. Both teachers kindly provided their time pro bono.

Other activities were aimed for children to enjoy. Such activities were bouncy castles, arts and crafts, face painting, workshops, and painting with kids.

Live music with musicians from Hoxton Hall was another bonus in those events as performances from the Grand Union Orchestra.

Furthermore, in July, the East London Shakespeare Festival performed on the grounds of the gardens a rendition of Romeo and Juliet and Twelfth Night.

Beneficiaries and Volunteers

Ethnic-wise, the beneficiaries comprise of a very diverse group of people. It has a mix of many different ages, quite a lot of children and lots of elderly people.

At least 10-13 attendees for the yoga and rumba classes.

The charity is run by a handful of volunteers, and it is always on the hunt for more.

Further Comments/Future Plans

Hoxton Trust would like to hold more events in the future that will cater to the needs and interests of local teenagers. It is worth noting that some teenagers have come along and helped with some of the events so there is potential for growth. The charity is trying to find what subjects could attract the teenagers and hold an event around that.

Furthermore, following the success of the Windrush event they held back at the start of 2023; Hoxton Trust would like to hold more of those events and have them run from early afternoon to late evening for locals to come and enjoy.

The charity is hoping to continue to maintain the garden and keep it as a mix of green space and events space.

There are plenty of opportunities for the garden and it is all about finding the resources and volunteers.

As well, donations are massively appreciated.