Spotlight on The Space

Published on Mar 14, 2022

What’s your role at The Space and how did you come to be part of the team?

I am the Building Manager for both our 41 and 69 Old St buildings, we are two out of our 8 buildings. I work alongside my two fantastic Front Of Houses.

How would you describe The Space to someone who hasn’t been before?

The best working environment for you to choose! Our breakout spaces are our hubs of our buildings for all the clients who have offices within our buildings. We have something for everyone across our 8 buildings, whether you like a more cool and edgy vibe or a sophisticated work place. We have something for everyone.

What makes The Space different?

We are a really small company in comparison to other serviced office providers, there is only 8 buildings with 18 of us running them, this is including our Director, Ops manager and Sales manager. The fact that we are so small offers loads of benefits to our clients, it’s a much more personal experience, whether you have an office with us or are renting a meeting room for the day, by the end of the day you’ll know the names of the girls that have looked after you that day because we like to be involved as our clients will allow us!

Can you tell us a little bit about your teams and the atmosphere in the office buildings?

So at 41 and 69 Old St we are a team of 3, myself as the Building Manager and Paige and Sarah who work alongside me as the Front of Houses. We are a really close knit team and between us there is no problems we can’t solve. I would say our Old St building are some of our edgiest, we suit the area that surrounds us very well.

What do you love about the area? How would you recommend someone spends a weekend in Shoreditch/the Old Street area?

We LOVE Old St, it has everything you can possibly need, a few retail shops, niche cafe’s, serviced offices ;). I would recommend grabbing a bite to eat at Look Mum No Hands and a takeaway coffee and going for a mooch around the Barbican Centre. I visited for the first time a couple of months ago after living in London my whole life and was amazed!

What’s your favourite local hidden gem?

Definitely the Barbican Centre – it’s like another city!

The pandemic has undoubtedly had a huge impact on businesses in our area. How did you navigate it? How does the way you operate now differ to how you operated before the pandemic?

By supporting our clients in the best possible way through unknown times. It was a really scary time for business’ like ours, especially with the work from home order. Our clients love our spaces and the teams that work within them and pay for a product that is as personal as it can get. An office is a really personal investment, we navigated it through communication and being as open and honest with people as possible, it was reciprocated through all of our clients and we’ve come out the other side stronger with loads more people wanting to be back in an office because they’re fed up of working from home!

What advice would you give to businesses, particularly in the service sector, during these uncertain times?

Whatever you do, whether it’s a cleaner, the front of house, the coffee machine maintenance team, do it to the best of your ability. You never know who is going to be watching.

Have you felt supported by the Old Street District community? By the Old Street District Partnership?

We are new to the Old St District community and so far – loving it!

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