Spotlight on Studio Shoreditch

Published on May 16, 2023

  • What’s your role at Studio Shoreditch and how did you come to be part of the team?

I am the team! Studio Shoreditch is my business. I lease the whole building from a local landlord and run it as serviced offices with a mixture of various sized private offices and co-working space. I don’t have any full time staff although I have a network of people supporting me including tech, builders, cleaners, legal etc

I actually started off renting a single desk in this building in 2006 from somebody else who was subletting one unit and have gradually, insidiously grown over time to the point where I now have the whole building and have created communal areas and resources as well as the dedicated areas that people can call their own. 

  • How would you describe Studio Shoreditch to someone who hasn’t been before?

It’s a great place to work and I believe we have struck the right vibe between informal and friendly but also professional and conducive to working.

  • What makes Studio Shoreditch different?

I care! I work in the building myself and always have done as I started off as a tenant. So my first principal has always been it has to be a space I would (and do) want to work in myself.

  • Can you tell us a little bit about your teams and the atmosphere in the offices?

It’s a friendly atmosphere and I try to encourage people mixing between the various companies both on a social and professional, work referral level. But this is far from forced if you prefer not to be involved in this.

  • What do you love about the area? How would you recommend someone spends a weekend in Shoreditch/the Old Street area?

Shoreditch is cool and vibrant and lots going on – day, night, week and weekend whether you live here, work here or are just heading over for a night out.

Shopping, eating, drinking and dancing – probably in that order!

  • What’s your favourite local hidden gem?

El Tel’s Fine Falafel. A metal caravan in St John’s churchyard on Pitfield Street.

  • The pandemic has undoubtedly had a huge impact on businesses in our area. How did you navigate it? How does the way you operate now differ to how you operated before the pandemic?

Just about! It was sink or swim at one point and I know many serviced space operators went under. With a combination of flexibility and negotiation both with landlords and tenants and all of us taking a longer term view rather than short term gains we found an equitable route through that meant everybody survived.

Although it hasn’t happened yet I am open to the option of part-time occupancy where 1 company pays to occupy a unit on say Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and another company has it on Tuesdays and Thursdays for example.

  • What advice would you give to businesses, particularly in the service sector, during these uncertain times?

Look after people. It’s not enough just to rent a room, fill it with shiny desks and artwork and expect people to come, stay and build the community on their own. 

You need to work at it and find the right blend of parenting style in terms of hands off / hands on. People want to feel ownership of their own space and treat it like it is theirs but equally to know you are on hand when needed and deal with problems / requests quickly. All of my tenants have my mobile number. I’m not in the office 24/7 but people know they can always get hold of me and I will deal with things quickly. 

Tenants vote with their feet and if they aren’t happy will leave. I look after people because I’m a nice person but it’s also a good business strategy. 

And pay attention to the basics. Good internet, clean toilets, people leaving communal areas tidy, reliable suppliers…

  • Have you felt supported by the Old Street District community? By the Old Street District Partnership?

Yes and yes.

  • Describe Studio Shoreditch in 3 words.

Friendly, creative, professional