Published on Aug 16, 2022

Aim of organisation

The main aim is to provide world-class education for the most socially and digitally omitted young people in society, ensuring that they are included and have a voice. Pupils are taught how to make decisions for themselves and realise their potential. Digital, media and technology are utilised to engage young people with SEND and autism, BAME groups, young women, young offenders etc.
Money Received from Community Pot
Name of Project
SoapBox Live
What are the key objectives of this project?
So far, they have delivered 10 in-person live events through the SoapBox Live Launch. There is plenty of material to be released soon. This will be done through the Soapbox YouTube page.

Whitecross Street Party was also successfully delivered, where 24 young Soapbox members performed over the weekend. The rest of the project will continue in September. 83 young people in total will have taken part by then. It is expected that at least 100 people will watch the videos created and 400 to 500 will experience that in person. Those events will also offer employment opportunities for local young people which will allow students to connect with industry leaders and contribute to the local community.
What the project entails
SoapBox Live will deliver 40 Live Music events during 2021/22, run by 10 local young people and featuring 150 young musicians from diverse backgrounds, performing live to an in-person audience of 30 per week (1200 total) and online to 100-150 per week(4-6000 total), with shows disseminated to 1000 people per week (40000 total) via YouTube. Additionally, lead young person will be paid a London Living Wage and receive event organising training from an industry expert.
Beneficiaries of the scheme
Main beneficiaries are young people aged from 16 to 25 years old. Around 73% are from black minority and ethnic backgrounds. Most of them are also from socially excluded backgrounds and would not otherwise get this opportunity anywhere else to access the music industry. The students are 60% female and 40% male. All of the young people live, work or study in Bunhill. Recruitment came from existing SoapBox Live performers, young people who performed on the SoapBox-curated main stage at the 2021 Whitecross Street Party and through partnership with music college SoundSkool.
6 young people had work experience placements, 5 members under the age of 25 worked on positions that included the stage etc. Those young people got paid for 20 hours for the project.
Issues they met
The charity discovered that they had to re-introduce the students back to in-person training sessions and meet-ups, after almost 3 years of Covid-19 related restrictions. This was essential as it was a group activity project. The students had to re-learn how to socialise with their peers and be present for group events.
8 to 10 industry people
4 to 5 members of staff
4 to 5 volunteers
Around 18 people in total help with the running of the project , 60/40 male/female. Amongst them is a project coordinator and a young person.
Project Goal
The goal was achieved as without the funding, the project could not be delivered at all. Moreover, the funding helped to generate another £2000 on top worth of funding.