Night trains are coming our way!

Night trains coming our way!

The new night train is due to open mid-December. This will stop at our neighbouring station of Shoreditch with plans to be extended to Islington next year.

Having the night trains will only bring economic positivity to the area, benefiting not only visitors but staff in the area too via more connectivity, quicker journeys, safety improvements. Not only will this help to prevent people hanging around until early hours of the morning, it will also increase the footfall of the area as people will know that they are able to get home, meaning that there is no rush to leave in order to get the last train!

As part of the promotion for this we are working with TFL to tell people why this is a positive initiative for us. We would love if all business could post a 15-20 second video clip, being as creative as you like, explaining why you think the night train is a positive thing. Post all clips on twitter @TflPA or Watsapped to 07714746229.