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A Lively District

A diverse range of businesses all call the area home- from Tech companies and startups to global professional service firms. The youthful and vibrant population makes for a fun culture, with great food options, super places to have drinks after work and lots of green places to enjoy.

Marketing and Promoting the area is key to building on the success of what Old street has become and all that it has to offer.  Over the coming year the partnership will host events, to bring businesses, visitors and those living in the area together.

We celebrate our open spaces like Hoxton Square, one of the oldest garden squares in London so rich in history, to promote this hidden gem and encourage those living, working and visiting the area to explore and relax during their busy days.

The partnership will work with the rich mix of restaurants and bars to promote and build on Old Street’s identity with destination branding through our website and regular newsletters. To roll out a privilege card scheme linking up businesses with the large office community working locally to access offers and discounts nearby.

On behalf of local businesses the partnership will leverage in funding through the Mayors Air Quality Fund to deliver projects and raise awareness to improve air quality in the local area by reducing deliveries, consolidation and greening projects.

Over the coming year the partnership will host networking events for businesses, bringing together partners from across the Old Street area, to share the vision and build on Old Street success and drive forward a social and economic agenda.